Single-family homes Sabadell


This flat with more than twenty years of history in the centre of Sabadell was renovated for a single person with a child who wanted a home with high quality and prestige. The client was keen on enhancing the luxury of the materials and the design. This is why we focused on using luxurious materials such as grooved wood, which doubles as an acoustic panel that gives character and presence to the corridor and allows us to hide doors and cabinets.

In the bathrooms, we boosted this luxury with eye-catching wallpapers for the guest bathroom and noble materials for the main bathroom.

For the suite, the client was aiming for the look and feel of a hotel. When you walk through the door, you see the size and importance of the bathroom, with a large bathtub strategically placed under a window with views on the city to make the bathing experience even more relaxing. The rest of the open-plan bathroom area reinforces the hotel style we wanted to achieve. We enclosed the toilet and shower area to maintain privacy in these two spaces, with grooved glass screens that provide opacity and luxury. We also used lighting to accentuate this effect even more.

As soon as you enter the home, you are greeted by the elegance of the grooved panels in the hall with the custom-made furniture and mirror. The style of the dining room is consistent with the rest of the home. Important pieces such as the client's piano and artworks are the focal point of the space. We used curved furniture to create a smooth and elegant look and rounded off the corners of the entire interior project.

The kitchen, another key part of the renovation, features white colours, glass and wood. Along with the lighting and the furnishings, they create a high-quality space and elevate the room to the level we wanted to achieve.