Single family homes

Roger de Flor II

This property was a peculiar project because it stands on a shared lot belonging to two siblings who wanted to build two separate semi-detached houses for their families. Both the layout and the requirements were tailored to each family.

This house faces Cellers Street, while the other one faces Roger de Flor Street. One of the original challenges was having two facades in a corner property, which influenced the project from A to Z.

The material for the facade was exposed brick, which the clients selected for its easy upkeep and subtle hues that blend in with the street.
On the ground floor, there is a garage and a guest room that leads to the patio. The living area is on the first floor, with a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. The second floor is for the children, two girls who have large bedrooms and plenty of play space. The suite is on the top floor, with ample storage and its own bathroom.

Our clients went for a classical style, so we put in moulding and recommended decoration with a lot of flair.