Multi-family buildings Terrassa

Nicolau Talló

We present a multi-family building on the corner with the old town of Terrassa, together with rows of terraced houses.

The building features commercial spaces on the ground floor and two floors of residential units. On the first and second floors, there are ten flats, three of which are reverse living apartments with bedrooms on the first floor and living space on the second floor with loft spaces.

All the flats have ventilation through the patio, while the facade provides cross ventilation, saving a great deal of energy. An FCV system provides ventilation to the facade and boosts its insulation.

To take the sustainability and energy efficiency of the building to the next level, it is also fitted with an air source heat pump system that uses renewable power to keep it cool or warm as needed.

We optimised the plot to tap the full potential of the built-up area, resulting in the creation of the three reverse living apartments, for example.