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Mare de Déu de Núria School

The aim of this school project was to make some minor changes and give the school a superficial makeover ahead of the open house event, in which the parents of the children come to visit.

Our work involved the entrance halls of both the preschool and the primary, secondary and higher secondary school. We also revamped the latter with new materials and furniture.

For this project, we went for wood to make it cosy and comfortable, switched up the lighting and blended in the school's branding with the new spaces. The floor was the only thing that we left untouched. The standout feature is the new shapes created by the arches that we added to both entrance halls and the spaces of the schools. We believe that the arches give a friendly vibe to their area, which children simply adore. These peaceful spaces are an oasis of wellbeing.

We came across a gloomy corridor at the entrance of the preschool, so we partitioned it to make a storage area and transform the leftover space into a roomy area that serves as a versatile space. We also added the school's branding, a touch of wood on the benches and arches as a structural feature. The children love using this new space for playing and reading, which creates a snug and fun atmosphere.