English-style town houses Rubí


This old house, which had remained uninhabited in a dilapidated state for over half a century, was a blank slate for a top-to-bottom renovation that only retained the exterior parts.

The project is a commission from a young couple with very good taste and no children, who gave us carte blanche to suggest roomy spaces with good materials, as well as a free hand for the layout.

Its potential lies in the living quarters, which include the kitchen and dining room make up a spacious area with a seamless transition from the outside to the inside. The big kitchen block doubles as the hub of the home, connecting spaces and harmoniously blending with the dining room via the corridor. Not one square metre goes to waste on this floor.

They wanted a large kitchen which, together with the dining room furniture, would allow us to make use of the full length of the dividing wall to set up linear furniture.

We restored existing components such as exposed brick, which combines with the neutral tones of wood and white to create a roomy sensation, tapping the full potential of the lighting, which emphasises all these elements.