Multi-family buildings Sabadell

Verge Assumpció

This apartment building contains six homes, two per floor.
Our challenge: to redesign the chamfered corner and create a sense of continuity between the existing façades that lead to the village's main square.
The utility rooms (bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and corridors) are located at the back of the building, which meant we could place the softer spaces (bedrooms and living rooms) on the outside overlooking the world below.
For the façade, we applied an unbroken ventilated finish using large porcelain tiles, highlighting the chamfered corner as a distinctive feature of the building with different coloured tiles. The façade's geometric shape includes large adjacent blocks with balconies that look over the street below.
The interior finishes include natural wood, Neolith cladding, natural laminate floors and high-quality porcelain tiles.