Single-family homes Matadepera

House in Matadepera

This is a single-storey house with a U-shaped layout. At the shorter end of this U, there is an open-plan space with the kitchen and dining room, while the right end is where the bedrooms are located.

The corridor runs along the entire edge of the plot, making both the bedrooms and the central space pivot to the centre of this U, which is the patio with a garden and a swimming pool.
We set it up such that the entire house has a view of itself, articulating the home around the patio, which we conceived as yet another extension of the house.

We created the most original and, at the same time, important space of the house in the central area, which doubles as a spacious porch. We fitted it on both sides with large joineries that, depending on the season, can be fully opened to reach the patio and swimming pool area.