The client becomes the protagonist of the work and Next, as a team, is their tool to see the project of a lifetime come to fruition.

Núria Vílchez and Gerard Ribot we are the founding partners of Next and we have surrounded ourselves with people who believe in this concept of work and business. Such as Juan Verdaguer and Anna Araguz who are part of the corporate structure from 2019.

At Next we put the personal and empathetic skills of each team member before their experience. Customer welfare is our priority.

This is why each of us, in our own role and function, accompanies you throughout the entire development of the project.

Gerard Ribot

Partner and Architect

Serene and visionary.
One idea leads to the next and so on
ad infinitum.

Nuria Vílchez Sánchez

Partner and Architect

Analytical and enterprising.
Fear is part of growing up.

Anna Araguz

Partner and Architect

Complacent and social.
Dealing with people is my weakness.

Juan Verdeguer

Partner and Architect

Extroverted and decisive.
Life is the best of my journeys.

Anais Robert


Empathetic and sensible.
Spread sweetness and you won’t be short of friends.

Carla Abad


Observant and detail-oriented.
The solutions are there, you just have to
find them.

Robert Ledesma


Analyst and active.
It is in the obstacles that I find my strength.

Xavier Cambra

Technical architect

Consistent and persevering.
Tomorrow I will be a little better than today.

Haein Kim


Disciplined and consistent.
Values are the pillar of order.

Marta Navarro


Consistent and conciliatory.
An agreement is the sum of good will.

Gerard Torné

Technical architect

Conscientious and organised.
Restless within an order.

Alba Moreno


Independent and pragmatic.
If two is enough, three is plenty.

Carlos Sánchez

Technical architect

Kind and passionate.
Always ready to help.

Jennifer Granados


Collaborative and methodical.
Talks with family or friends are my weakness.

Marína Esguerra


Laughing and creative.
I like to let it flow.

Vicky Moreno


Thoughtful and bold.
Nature is a source of inspiration and
mental order.

Juanjo Pazo


Extrovert and restless.
Wishes come true by left hand.

María Hevilla


Detailed and harmonious.
It is the small pleasures that bring the greatest enjoyment.

Carlos Arilla


Authentic and categorical.
If it doesn’t move you, it’s not beautiful.

Llorenç Ricou


Cheerful and lively.
Sport helps me to be who I am.

Carola Ballester

Interior designer

Intelligent and demanding.
I naturally connect instantly with people.

David Gaspar


Conceptual and fraternal.
Rome can be reached by many

Inma Jimeno


Calm and serene.
Sevillian by heart, barcelonese by

Daniel Canelos


Conciliatory and benevolent.
Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new.

Ana Fortuny


Ingenious and non-conformist.
There are no problems but challenges.

Míquel Martínez

Technical architect

Sportsmanlike and diligent.
In the storm, the rudder must be held steady.